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New round of layoffs by Amazon

The news of layoffs came like a blow, Knocking the wind out of those who know The pain of losing a job, The fear of what comes next. The workers who were laid off Are not just numbers to Amazon, They are people with families, With dreams and hopes. The layoffs are a reminder That even in the midst of prosperity, There are people who are struggling, Who are fighting to make ends meet. The layoffs are also a reminder That we are all connected, That when one person suffers, We all suffer. So let us not forget The people who were laid off, Let us not forget their pain, Let us not forget their struggles. Let us stand in solidarity with them, Let us help them in their time of need, Let us make sure that they are not forgotten. 18,000 people laid off already, 9,000 more to come, Amazon, a trillion dollar company, But still they're not immune. The layoffs are a sign of the times, The economy is slowing down, And Amazon is not the only one, Other companies are doing the same. But it's s