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10 small business idea to start with in India

If you want to start your own business and you want to start small, here's are 10 business ideas which you can try. The following business takes less capital and more enthusiasm.

1. photography:

If you have a genuine interest in photography and want to make some money out of it then there are many opportunities may land your doorstep. It ney.eds more passion than anything else to start earning from photography. You can sell your photos to stock photography sites like,,, etc. You can also provide your photos to the online travel sites like There are many types of photography viz Architectural photography, Candid photography, Documentary photography, Fashion photography, Food photography, Landscape photography, Night-long exposure photography, Conceptual/ fine art photography, wedding photography etc.

2. Wedding Planner:

India is a place of the largest bunch of young people and wedding happens in large number every year. People tend to spend a lot to make their wedding a very special event.  If you are good at managing a large number of people then wedding planning can be a good business for you. A wedding planner doesn't only require good planner but also a good executor. Planning a wedding involves endless details, deadlines, family drama, and stress. You should be able to take all these from bride/groom family and make it breezy affair.

3. Retail Shop: Opening a retail shop is also a good business to start small. With the increase in the use of Internet and emergence of e-commerce sites in India like,,, etc your retail shop will not be fulfilling the local orders but nationwide. Earlier increasing the customer reach required lots of money to increase the business volume, new branches at new places but now with no extra money investest, you can start serving customers of the whole nation. Register yourself as a seller in any or all of the e-commerce sites and they will take care of selling and shipping of the product. You just need to take care of the quality of the products sold.

4. Travel Agency:

The tourism sector is flourishing in India currently supporting many business sectors. There are few states which rely heavily on tourism for their Income like Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Chattisgarh, Uttarakhand, Jammu & Kashmir etc. You need to first decide which sector of tourism you would like to focus your business on.

  1. Tours and Tour guides
  2. Accommodation
  3. Transportation Service
  4. Hospitality
Then you need to zero down the location where you want to start the business. Location in tourism business plays an important role as it directly has an impact on the number of tourists and your potential customers at single place. 

5. Blogging: Blogging can be your another or main source of money if you have the zest to write and give the world some knowledge from your own experience and field of expertise. Having a domain name is important and will help you set up your brand. Buy a domain name from or, Start a blog on any of the following blogging engine,,, etc start writing your articles. Link your domain to the blog by adding CNAME or A record entry to your domain depending up whether you want to use a subdomain or main domain.

6. Fast food shops & Restaurants: This is one business which is going to run unless you do really big mess-up. It is not confined to a section of population hence your customers will be anyone who can eat out. Location of opening such shops is of prime importance. You should be able to judge the local taste and serve the needs of local population. Similar to e-commerce sites, there are numerous food delivery startups which can help your food to serve people all across the city.

7. Resume writing service: Resume writing service is gaining popularity these days as the number of job applicants is increasing. This service is especially popular (but not restricted) among the first time job applicants.

8. Data entry service: Starting a data entry service is very minimal and your business can be home-based. Your work hours would be flexible and you can work as much and as little as you want. There are already several tools to help in the data entry process and make the work easier. This type of work fast and accurate typing as your client would not like to pay you money for the incorrect entry. This can be a low paying job but you need to keep the focus on getting more and more work and then set up the team. Your final goal should be managing the team of people who would do the data entry work and your job would be to get more work and manage people.

9. Computer Traning Institute: Computer penetration is now good enough in metro and big cities but it still lacks in small towns. People now understand the necessity of computer skills and want to learn it. Not everyone in small town has their own personal computers. In such places, computer training institute can be good business to start.

10. Website Design & Hosting: Website design is another good business which is flying higher with widening internet penetration in the country. You need to know HTML, CSS, Javascript to start with designing static websites and later you can add multiple javascript libraries in your skillset to improve your domain of work and ability to take up different kinds of projects. The number of small and medium business is growing and everyone understands the need to have a web presence. Same is true with schools, coaching institutions, shops which can be convinced to have their online presence. Once you create a website for an enterprise you not only take charge for creating it but you will continue to earn money through this relationship by maintaining and updating the site.

Since you have gone through all 10 business ideas, here comes the bonus one.

11(bonus). Beauty parlor/saloon:

It's a great way to use your talent for enhancing the look and beauty of others. Choose the right location to open so that people don't hesitate to visit your saloon even in evening or night. Saloon grows best when it presents clean, safe and relaxing environment. You should use the products which your customers can trust. Make sure your towels, foot baths, and all other equipment are washed, clean and odor-free.


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